Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Canon Powershot A480

I was searching for another camera to use for the trip because I kinda figured I did'nt want to use my Cybershot T300 on the trip to Ilocos, so I searched at for another camera and found out this cheap yet very functional Canon Digicam the Poweshot A480. But I had it bought in Greenhills since I didn't have time to meet with the sellers at TPC. Starting with how it looks, it's not exactly sexy as some might look for in a gadget especially the fashion crowd, but it is quite handy and comfy to hold.

Now the back part of this camera is quite simple and suites it's target market which is the amateur photographers and casual first time camera owners, because the control layout is quite easy to understand as long as you read the manual first.

The Screen size is big enough, standard to all the budget cameras as of this time, four years or so ago the standard was 1.8 inches then 2.0 inches now it's 2.4-2.5 inches, some cameras offer LCD sizes as big as 3.0-3.5 inches like my T300 and LX3

The camera is powered by two AA batteries, so I sugget you use NiMH rechargeable types or Lithium-ion type batteries as you common alkaline would last to only 100+ shots and the bad thing is this camera doesn't offer a viewfinder which is suppose to be common to the budget P&S market.

It also accepts SDHC upto 8GB, I think? and then like I said a while ago the camera is comfy to hold mainly because of how it's shaped observed the top layout control and shape of the camera.

A quick list of it's specification:

• Compact, lightweight 10.0 Megapixel camera
• Four colour variations (silver, red, blue or black)
• Canon 3.3x optical zoom
• Easy to use, with simple button layout and intuitive user interface
• 2.5” LCD with Image Inspection Tool for focus checking
• People shots made easy with Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB
• Red-Eye Correction in both shooting and playback
• DIGIC III processing delivers high-quality images and intelligent technologies
• Combats blur with Motion Detection Technology
• Smooth, 30fps VGA movies with Long Play mode
• 15 shooting modes (Scene modes)
• Safety FE avoids blow-out when the flash is used
• Powered by AA batteries

quick link: Canon PH

Some Sample pictures I took Using this Camera:

Color Production is very good as you can see with the top and bottom pics

Skin Tone is good, oh and that's me by the way hahaha! uhm yeah, skin tone is very good and not only because I have good and fair skin

Macro shots are very sharp this one was taken at near 1cm

Same for this shot

Pictures of my cybershot T300 which is still my Favorite Camera haha:

Look at the size of that Screen and it's not even set t wide mode..

I rate my T300 a 9 out of 10

while the Powershot A480 is rated at a good 8 out of 10
sadly the A480 lacks a proper Image Stabilizer it would have been helpful at low-light scenes, btw the iso performance of the A480 is quite good usable at iso 800 and don't even attempt iso 1600. clean at iso 200 and average at iso 400...

It's fairly priced at $135 in TPC to $145 in at your local stores and Canon reatilers it's priced at $175-$180 but you do get warranty and a free pouch at your canon retailers... You do the math and convert it in Pesos, or better yet go here and search one for yourself TPC

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Bat and shizz...

God I tasted this brand of cigarette last night while hanging out at CBTL (Coffee bean and tea leaf) in Greenhills San Juan. My friend handed me one and even said "here try this it's awful" Ugh!
Why the hell would she buy it if it was so awful, haha, anyways it was a chocolate flavoured cigarette, ewwwww!!!

Anyways I enjoyed the night we bought lotsa stuff for the trip to come, buying stuff in bulk is not EASY!

Before ending the night with coffee and treats we went to S&R in Taguig and shopped like crazy, I love the pizza and the churros con chocolat? Uhh yeah? I bought like a muffin set and junk food ugh! I'm gonna get fat by doing this!

Oh and t'was nice to see my friend's cousin again she's such a colorful person.

The excitement!


d'Excitement is killing me!

I can't wait, tis just a few days away before the trip to Ilocos, and hearing stuff bout it from my friend who just recently came from Ilocos and all it's sights.

I got really excited specially when I saw her photos of Pagupud and the windmills!

But what makes this trip exciting is I get to spend it with my closest friends, too bad there's only the three of us, it would have been best if two to three more of my closest friends can come with us.

Anyways just for the fun I took some sample photo of random objects in my room, and wouldn't you know it my photog skills are still sparkling great! hahaha!

A photo of a sprinkler thing i used to water my plants outside my window

A Photo of my lampshade wll sorta, it's a Swan Lamp Shade and tis it's wings

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Oh you oughtta sure be happy dad! like my wallet has a hole in it for buying you an expensive shirt that cost me like $65, anyways I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad that I have a dad like you, Happy dad's day papa...

Banapples a day will keep the doctor away

Yeah right that's if I don't get a heart attack from consuming to much fats/oils. Anyways for the past few weeks I've been a frequent customer of this dainty little restaurant named Banapple along Katipunan ave. in Quezon Ciy.

It's like a few blocks away from my house and I only discovered this little house of treats like a few months ago, gosh I sure am missing like half of my life not knowing about this little house of treats hahaha.

What makes Banapple so memorable:

- Yuummooo!!! Yummy!!! Oh my God so Sarap!
- Cakes! Cheece-cakes! Cookies! Pies!
- Super cheap! (like you only pay $1 to $5 for meals and cakes)
- Servings, Goodness I can't finish the dish it's too hefty.

Ugh! I don't even need convincing if one of my friends actually suggested we eat there!

check out a photo of their Chicken Parmigiana, oh it looks small on the photo but believe me it's hefty!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WWF on my doorsteps

So just a while ago after eating a tilapia sa gata (coconut milk and tilapia) for lunch... I know it's like evening but hey I eat lunch late, someone came at the office, he was wearing a blue shirt black pants, black shoes and so on, you get the whole picture? At first I thought oh no not another salesman selling steam iron and/or laundry equipment, but I kinda thought he was umm cute..

Yeah I sorta kinda liked him he speaks english fluently that's like un-common among my agegroup plus a major turn-on haha, how did I know he was about my age? He kinda asked/said a series of question/answers/definitions and all throughout our conversation he maintaned a sunny disposition of course he should be like that all the time because he works for the WWF Philippines!

Huh WWF what? It's the world... I really don't know what it stands for but you gotta check out that cute logo. Aint it just sweet! Anyways he was a Fundraiser, he's asking for money in a formal non-coercive manner... haha, he should've just asked me out I kinda think he's cute hahaha!

I gave like a sum equivalent to $10 as a donation and for the effort of walking through one house into another along Katipunan Ave. where I'm located.

Anyways I'm a concern person especially when it comes to our environment, I always enjoy watching innovative TV shows about alternative energies and conservation and recycling thank god there's Natgeo and Discovery channel for that.

I kinda get his message that we all should do something in order to help mother nature so as a tolken of my appreciation i'm spreading the news so c'mon guys yah hafta click the link below

Click here to view the website WWF Philippines...

Cheap Electronic Surprise!

As I've mentioned earlier I've planned a trip to Ilocos/Pagudpud up north of the country and like all vacations there's gonna be swimming, and when there's swimming there'll be fun and to capture such memories I'll need a camera! I do own ummm 3 cameras, A Nikon D50 DSLR which is already an antique in the Digital electronics market, a Panasonic Lumix LX3 which is fairly new in the market and quite advance if I may say and of course my trusty P&S a Sony Cybershot T300 which I use most of the time to capture fun vivid memories of drunken friends ummmm most of the time me being drunk, anyways, I don't wanna use one of em in the water/beach because they might broke, so...

I bought this cheap fixed focused camera at a local Kodak/Island Photo developing centre and whadda you know it works like a gem, it's roughly around $40 hahaha so cheap and it has a 5megapixel sensor actually it gets the job done.

I also bought a digicap case? or some might simply call it a plastic wrap for water protection on your mobile gadgets.

It's so functional just perfect for the trip that's soon to come so watch out peeps!

Hmmm.. I did an initial testing and yup it does the job, it has the same quality photos of a Nokia N73 hahaha I'll post some samples now...

This is a photo of my office reception area I did some resizing and cropping but the overall quality is ok, just right to be used under the sun, under the ocean and all that beach activity shizz...

Beach time again

Finally I got a clear signal from my boss/dad about my planned trip to Ilocos. If you ask me what I'll do there? duh! it's as clear as a bottle of champagne I'm gonna enjoy the sun! Hahaha! That's if it doesn't rain up north it's the freakin rainy season already and it's the only time of the year I'll be able to enjoy the beach, the sand and the waves cause I'm quite busy lately. I'm just hoping the waves would not enjoy torturing me as i've heard that the waves up north is quite unforgiving haha, making it one of the hottest surf spots in the country. Ohh yeah by the way I'm not just talking about the trip to Ilocos but also a trip to Pagudpud.

I've inquired rates at a certain resort Saud beach resort hmmm, the rates are ok naman, but the main point of my travel is to check out if it does meet my expectations as many would say that Saud in Pagudpud, as well as Maira ira beach is the Boracay of the north.

I've never been to Boracay or in fact I've never been to any of the hottest destinations/beaches in general here in the Philippines! And I call myself a Filipino, damn! Yeah and another of my concern are Jelly fishes I hope there's none out there!

so anyways i can't post pictures just yet, I'll do that the moment I get home from the trip yah!