Monday, September 28, 2009


Words can't express the sadness that "bagyong Ondoy" has dealt our nation one Saturday morning 09-26-09 please pray for the people who have died and for the people who are yet to be found may they be rescued in time...

Everyone let this be a clear sign that we must do
something to help our environment, it's a clear sign
of the negative effects of Global Warming.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Life is messing with me...

I know, I know, that I haven't been updating this blog which no one ever reads in the first place and yes this is a blog wherein I post all of my random moments as well as my personal rants in life... Sorry for the title it's my lack of talent in quick thinking that makes my title guessing inappropriate at times hahaha..

Now I'm not really in a mess, well I'm sorta going into one, god I hate Taxes now I know why those cartoons and movies would usually hate their topics about taxes, My goodness BIR I should sue you people hahahaha, as if....


- My new Sony Alpha DSLR
- My new Samsung ES10 (w/ beauty shot feature... worth a 2nd look)
- My new N96 (soon to be reviewed as well)
- My trip to Cebu and Bohol with friends 2009
- My Crush... wag nalang siguro hahahahaha

Oh well I hafta say I have a lot to brag/rant about that needs typing, so i would remember it before my mind slips away in paranoia because of consuming to much Equal (sweetener, aspartame) they say it causes short term memory loss...AGH! That explains why I keep forgetting what his/her/they/what is and such other small things not even worth forgetting such as a famous toothpaste brand, yeah I kinda forgot a while ago what Colgate was...

I may need sleep and a couple of narcotics to ease my restlesness and mental stress... What I need is a hot boyfriend.. yeah I think that's asking so much...

So I think starting tomorrow I will go back in my blogging and do less on my rants and more positive energies should come my way...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Beloved President Corazon Aquino

I was born during the time of a revolution, that revolution was done in order to prevent the fall of democracy, that revolution was because of our beloved former president Corazon Aquino who passed away Aug. 1, 2009.

In our hearts and in our minds, we will never forget the great things you've done for our country, you will alyaws be our symbol of democracy, a guiding light amidst our darkest moments and a beacon of hope, forever you will inspire many of our people for future generations to come.

I pray that you may be united to your beloved Ninoy and to your family your legacy shall live on for a lifetime as Ninoy has.

In behalf of the Filipino people, we thank you for everything, God bless you...

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Mugg Made-self

Cebu Pacific and More Travels to come

My gooness Cebu Pacific Air gave discounts to all they're flights (domestic and International) like 50% off the original prices.. GREATNESS!!! But the promo ends today so to those who missed it that's to bad for you..

I booked like two travel dates in Sept 5-8 I go to Cebu!

In Oct 3-5 I go to Bohol! beach times a commin!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Number Ones - Michael Jackson

I'm one of the few lucky people to have an original copy which has been sold out to almost every store, and prices increased even online since he died, I bought my copy in New York City a year ago...

Quick link: Number Ones

Stuff I wish I had the Pocketwizard

It's one of my dreams, to be able to shoot photographs with a 3 light setup outdoors using a master/slave flashes... Although most DSLRs and Flashguns/Speedlights nowadays offer built-in infra red triggers, such as Nikon's CLS, or using a Nikon SU-800(click the links for further info) When Outdoors infra red light just won't do it specailly if you plan to position your flashes behing walls and other obstructions, fortunately there is a Pocketwizard watch the video if you may to fully understand the use of remote flashes and wireless triggers. =P

Flying Pig Eastwood Mall

The Flying Pig is one of the first few restaurants that opened along with the newly developed/opened Eastwood Mall in Libis.

I just tried dining there last July 11/09 with my friend, and at first I thought to myself that their menu prices were a bit expensive considering they've just opened recently, that's until I ordered the cheapest food there is in the food choices which is a meatloaf mashed-potato concoction at $6 I thought I could've enjoyed a meal in McDonalds (I'm sorry I'm quite cheap lately) well my friend didn't order anything since he just ate a ton of Ramen in Teriyaki Boy, anyways my meal arrive and UGH! It was plenty, too much for me, there were two slabs of meatloaf slices as big as a T-Bone steak and at least an inch thick with bacon on the lines and mashed-potatoes on the side.

I'm sorry I did not enjoy my meal, even though I did get what I payed for which is a hefty serving, it tasted like Spam, a generic tasting gravy and mashed-potatoes that tasted like they were made by Kraft, huzzah!

And no I did not like the restaurant's interior, even though they've bombarded it with generic artworks from unknown artists.

I wish pigs fly though it would've been quite a sight...

Flying Pig
  • Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City
  • 900-0886 (Phone)
<---- This Image was taken at:

Blackberry Curve 8900

For starters I'm reviewing this phone not because I'm in dire need to post something here on my blog or posting it just to show off harhar! I'm doing this review because I think it's a nice and useful phone. =D

What I like about my BB Curve 8900 first of all is it's tactile and full Qwerty keypad, unlike other qwerty phones out there (like my previously owned E63) the keypads of the 8900 is well spaced and typing text is a breeze (although men and women with big fingers like BROAS would not appreciate the size of the buttons) anyways this phone is targeted mostly for the female executive or the stylish person, cause unlike it's older sibling the Blackberry Bold 9000 this phone is sexy!

Specwise the phone has a variety of features that most people would not be able to use in everyday life, connectivity wise this phone lacks the support of 3G/HSDPA so video calling and blazing internet is out of the question although the 8900 is equipped with wifi, one has to find the nearest hotspot in order to connect thru wifi, plus the process is complicated as hell almost like connecting your windows mobile device through wifi.

The camera of the 8900 is a clear winner over it's bigger bro the Bold 9000 because unlike other BBs in the past the Curve 8900 is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel snapper with LED flash and autofocus unlike the usual 2.0 megapixel fixed focus type, although video recording is mediocre almost useless good for MMS use only, I have no use for the latter feature anyways.

The menu interface and homescreen of this phone is simply magnificent, viewing images and watching videos at it's large screen is glorious a full
480 x 360 pixel screen.

Multimedia wise the 8900's mp3 player is standard yet it offers the usual arranged by artist, song, playlist and album feature plus it does have a 3.5mm socket for any earphones or Skullcandies out there, sound quality is good and well balanced.

BUT! The most outstanding feature unique to Blackberry devices is their ability to use push email, simply put it this way, intant email anytime and anywhere, what do I mean by this? I mean you intantly recieve emails the moment someone emails you it's automatically pushed through your blackberry device just like your regular text messages, cool!

Another feature is the BIS (Blackberry internet service) without this your blackberry device is simply a phone for calls and text, unlike other cellphones which uses generic GPRS/EDGE networks and 3G/WCDMA/HSDPA a blackberry device is also equipped with the following but it is locked unless you apply for this BIS, then and only therefore can you use Push email services and surf the internet as well as send MMS, I know it's quite selfish, here in the Philippines only Globe Telecom and Smart offers the service, this only applies on postpaid subscriptions, it is a fixed amount of roughly $11 a month on top of your G-plan/Smart plan plus 0.015 cents per kb/s although nowadays Globe offers fixed plans and plan allowances for the service, I suggest you inquire it yourself. (BTW Globe's Time mode 5 pesos per 15 minutes doesn't work on BIS)

Once you've activated your BIS then and only therefore can you use online applications built for your Blackberry such as Facebook and Yahoo messenger to name a few, once you've signed in online among such applications, IM and updates are in real time thus there is practically no need for you to go offline ever, unless your being stingy and is quite frugal for the moment, cause I understand it's costly yah? hahaha!

Anyways Here's a link that may help you if you want to know further of what the Curve 8900 is capable of, Thank you

- Specifications link
- Review link

A photo of my Curve 8900 (Javelin in other coubtries) on top of my favorite magazine Hardware Magazine.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Now I realize Why... Why did he have tah go...

I had to buy one myself, bought two copies last night at Fullybooked GH
Time Magazine Special

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pagudpud 2nd day, Beach and Fun

Discover the Shores of Pagudpud nyahaha...

It's amazing on how clear the waters of this beach is, take a look it's absolutely fantastic

Ok so after we've rested and settled everything, it's time to explore the beach, there were lots of sights to see. It's breathtaking to see how clean and almost un-touched the beaches of Saud is.

Things to love about the place: (ok not everyone would love/like it but hey! It's my Blog!)

- Clean
- Windy (very)
- Waves (ouch)
- White Sand
- Few people
- Good for R&R
- Friendly locals
- Bagnet (hey it's Ilocos haha)
- Ummm almost everything haha!
- Small Fishies you could swallow one if you want to
- Hermit crabs (I killed a few tee-hee)
- No Jellyfishies yey Swim swim swiM all you want

Thing's I hate:

- Sea Weed... Their disgusting...
- Some sharp stones/coral/rocks underwater wear water shoes/socks (I wore none Ouch!)
- Mosquittos (Buy katol or use Off-lotion)
- Expensive restaurant prices ( if your being stingy)
- It's hard to find a tricycle
- Very Far

If you love photographing landscapes then this place is also a nice site to see the windmills although you can hardly see them in this photo. (Be sure to use yer tele-photo lenses, lenshood and polarizing/UV whatev filters to remove un-wanted glare and other stray light)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pagudpud 1st day Food, Sand and Sun

Of course since we've just arrive at the beach we needed to eat breakfast and what better way to start the day by eating of course haha, hmmm the food was very savory, satisfying and filling plus it's affordable.
Above photo of Beef and Potatos steak like cut with mustard sauce concoction haha I forgot the name of this dish

Above photo of their version of Chicken Curry

Above photo of Laog Longanissa as a side order small yet so tasty

Above photo of the restaurant and below is the name of the restaurant

As I said in an earlier blog post, it was the off-peak season already so there weren't many people, there were tourist mostly koreans and caucasians and some Ilocanos perhaps from Laog taking a break from work or stuff. Basically it was a relaxing vacation with nothing else but the sun, sand and the breeze of fresh sea air, no party crowds no garbage at the shore and most of all no busy schedules haha!

We spent the day by walking along the shore and catching small hermit crabs, we didn't take a swim yet since we were tired from the journey.

I could tell you the place is an absolute beauty, the sand is white, the waves were strong and the wind is so pleasant so perfect you'd have to wish that everyday was like this.

so the day went by, and dinner time was shortly coming our way, and decided to take pictures of the sunset, though I'm not a big fan of sunsets so anyways I took some shots and I must say by looking at the cloud formation you'd have to wonder whatever happened to Feria that stupid storm.

Nightfall started and the beach lights were all turned on, we took our seats at the restaurant and ordered other dishes which I fail to photograph, uuuuhmmm mmmmm I love that Bagnet Rice thing (Bagnet, crispy deep fried pork belly, high in cholesterol) it was superb and mouth watering specially with the bagoong which I fail to realise I'm allergic from good thing I have Benadryl.

I've got lots of stories tah share and memories to store in this blog so I have to post the rest of the stories/pictures some other time haha, I need to go for the mean time.

On the road again a journey to Pagudpud

Our journey started a week ago, last Friday to be exact and while were at it we continued to travel even though there was a storm on going. Harhar!

I don't know if you could call that bravery or stupidity but I was really excited and no storm could stop us from going to Pagudpud in Ilocos, and to be honest there was no bad weather on the way up north! Yeah!

We took a bus going to Pagudpud, Florida Bus, their terminal is located at Sampaloc in Manila and it goes straight to Pagudpud.

Be warned though as the bus seats are quite un-comfortable their made of synthetic or faux leather ugh it's irritating your ass will heat up on that stupid material plus that bus company would often stop at their designated check points meaning they have a lot of stop overs, it took like 13 hours to get us to Pagudpud.

we left Manila at 7:30pm Friday night and arrived at Pagudpud 8:30am the next day, the only convenience the bus offers was a built-in comfort room, but alas it was slightly useless since Florida bus lines often stop at their checkpoints which usually are gas stations with cafeterias and CRs since I think they often change drivers on the way up north.

Ahh finally we arrived at Pagudpud and at the resorts Saud beach area to be exact, to go from one place to another the primary transportation used in the provinces is a tricycle (one manned motorcycle with a side-car) the drivers are quite friendly and helpful considering the weight of our bags and the weight of my friends tee-hee, the price or fee is just $1 to go to the beaches and be sure to give them a tip/extra just to say thanks at the least.

They also offer sight seeing tours it's like $15 or less depends on how good you haggle and they'll take you around the different tourist spots in Pagudpud however we weren't able to try it out.

Finally we were able to rest for a few minutes and unload all our stuff in our posh little suite, we got a discount since it's already off-peak season like we got the room/jr suite $125 for three days and two nights stay not bad at all considering that this room would cost like $100 for a night on the peak seasons woah like WOAH! haha good deal right. Of course there were cheaper rates because there were a lot of resort and mini hotels but we opted to choose luxury over the cheaper rates.

The above photo is a view of the pool just outside our room, by the way the name of the Hotel we stayed in is Apo Idon (click it to view the website)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Canon Powershot A480

I was searching for another camera to use for the trip because I kinda figured I did'nt want to use my Cybershot T300 on the trip to Ilocos, so I searched at for another camera and found out this cheap yet very functional Canon Digicam the Poweshot A480. But I had it bought in Greenhills since I didn't have time to meet with the sellers at TPC. Starting with how it looks, it's not exactly sexy as some might look for in a gadget especially the fashion crowd, but it is quite handy and comfy to hold.

Now the back part of this camera is quite simple and suites it's target market which is the amateur photographers and casual first time camera owners, because the control layout is quite easy to understand as long as you read the manual first.

The Screen size is big enough, standard to all the budget cameras as of this time, four years or so ago the standard was 1.8 inches then 2.0 inches now it's 2.4-2.5 inches, some cameras offer LCD sizes as big as 3.0-3.5 inches like my T300 and LX3

The camera is powered by two AA batteries, so I sugget you use NiMH rechargeable types or Lithium-ion type batteries as you common alkaline would last to only 100+ shots and the bad thing is this camera doesn't offer a viewfinder which is suppose to be common to the budget P&S market.

It also accepts SDHC upto 8GB, I think? and then like I said a while ago the camera is comfy to hold mainly because of how it's shaped observed the top layout control and shape of the camera.

A quick list of it's specification:

• Compact, lightweight 10.0 Megapixel camera
• Four colour variations (silver, red, blue or black)
• Canon 3.3x optical zoom
• Easy to use, with simple button layout and intuitive user interface
• 2.5” LCD with Image Inspection Tool for focus checking
• People shots made easy with Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB
• Red-Eye Correction in both shooting and playback
• DIGIC III processing delivers high-quality images and intelligent technologies
• Combats blur with Motion Detection Technology
• Smooth, 30fps VGA movies with Long Play mode
• 15 shooting modes (Scene modes)
• Safety FE avoids blow-out when the flash is used
• Powered by AA batteries

quick link: Canon PH

Some Sample pictures I took Using this Camera:

Color Production is very good as you can see with the top and bottom pics

Skin Tone is good, oh and that's me by the way hahaha! uhm yeah, skin tone is very good and not only because I have good and fair skin

Macro shots are very sharp this one was taken at near 1cm

Same for this shot

Pictures of my cybershot T300 which is still my Favorite Camera haha:

Look at the size of that Screen and it's not even set t wide mode..

I rate my T300 a 9 out of 10

while the Powershot A480 is rated at a good 8 out of 10
sadly the A480 lacks a proper Image Stabilizer it would have been helpful at low-light scenes, btw the iso performance of the A480 is quite good usable at iso 800 and don't even attempt iso 1600. clean at iso 200 and average at iso 400...

It's fairly priced at $135 in TPC to $145 in at your local stores and Canon reatilers it's priced at $175-$180 but you do get warranty and a free pouch at your canon retailers... You do the math and convert it in Pesos, or better yet go here and search one for yourself TPC

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Bat and shizz...

God I tasted this brand of cigarette last night while hanging out at CBTL (Coffee bean and tea leaf) in Greenhills San Juan. My friend handed me one and even said "here try this it's awful" Ugh!
Why the hell would she buy it if it was so awful, haha, anyways it was a chocolate flavoured cigarette, ewwwww!!!

Anyways I enjoyed the night we bought lotsa stuff for the trip to come, buying stuff in bulk is not EASY!

Before ending the night with coffee and treats we went to S&R in Taguig and shopped like crazy, I love the pizza and the churros con chocolat? Uhh yeah? I bought like a muffin set and junk food ugh! I'm gonna get fat by doing this!

Oh and t'was nice to see my friend's cousin again she's such a colorful person.

The excitement!


d'Excitement is killing me!

I can't wait, tis just a few days away before the trip to Ilocos, and hearing stuff bout it from my friend who just recently came from Ilocos and all it's sights.

I got really excited specially when I saw her photos of Pagupud and the windmills!

But what makes this trip exciting is I get to spend it with my closest friends, too bad there's only the three of us, it would have been best if two to three more of my closest friends can come with us.

Anyways just for the fun I took some sample photo of random objects in my room, and wouldn't you know it my photog skills are still sparkling great! hahaha!

A photo of a sprinkler thing i used to water my plants outside my window

A Photo of my lampshade wll sorta, it's a Swan Lamp Shade and tis it's wings

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Oh you oughtta sure be happy dad! like my wallet has a hole in it for buying you an expensive shirt that cost me like $65, anyways I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad that I have a dad like you, Happy dad's day papa...

Banapples a day will keep the doctor away

Yeah right that's if I don't get a heart attack from consuming to much fats/oils. Anyways for the past few weeks I've been a frequent customer of this dainty little restaurant named Banapple along Katipunan ave. in Quezon Ciy.

It's like a few blocks away from my house and I only discovered this little house of treats like a few months ago, gosh I sure am missing like half of my life not knowing about this little house of treats hahaha.

What makes Banapple so memorable:

- Yuummooo!!! Yummy!!! Oh my God so Sarap!
- Cakes! Cheece-cakes! Cookies! Pies!
- Super cheap! (like you only pay $1 to $5 for meals and cakes)
- Servings, Goodness I can't finish the dish it's too hefty.

Ugh! I don't even need convincing if one of my friends actually suggested we eat there!

check out a photo of their Chicken Parmigiana, oh it looks small on the photo but believe me it's hefty!