Friday, February 18, 2011

Amazing Life

Photo of my Business Communications Class, Yes I've been truly busy no wonder I'm not blogging, sorry

So many thing have been happening lately. I'm on to my 3rd trimester in Ateneo as an MBA student, I'm sick as in sickly like ill I'm not sure where I got this disgusting coughing or how, but anyways I was told I was a candidate for TB? whatever!? In any case this is surely not my smoking that freaking caused this OH NO!!! Many people smokes like hell and back but not me I only do it to poop and stuff, anyways, I know a person who (pretends) he smokes like hell and back but doesn't get sickly.

Life is amazing, since it has given me new hope and dreams to follow new friends and people to share stories and ideas and to share good moments.

What I've learned so far from being a good person is never let your goodness be abused by others, (kapal ng mukha ko) anyways, yes I was good to you (slimy motherf*ckers) and you ruined our friendships, what's done is done hahaha I'm happier now, except for this coughs.

Oh gosh I have new gadgets to share only ummm I'm not really in a picture taking kinda mood to review them, I've been busy lately and I really wanted to share a lot of things.

Like blog about my trip to Hong Kong and review some gadgets like my Sony HX1 my Canon G11, my HTC Legend and my HTC Touch Pro 2 as well as my SE Xperia 2 ang dami I know but hey I buy gadgets as my means to avoid depression, and they vibrate very nice, only I don't have a vagina to stick it up my ummm anyways, I'll be back for more so stick around.