Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heavy Rain

I'm talking about a game titled Heavy Rain hahaha, I just wish it would happen right here right now because the heat is KILLING ME! (okay not really)

The game titled Heavy Rain is a story about several characters (I'm not a good reviewer I suck at it though I'm good at sucking other things...)

Anyways the game is consistent to the word heavy, why if you might ask is it Heavy? Well the game play involves a lot of decision making and very difficult quick decisions are necessary in order for the game to progress, plus the game setting is an urbanize dark city where it rains most of the time add to that a very sad/tragic whatever story and you've got Heavy Drama!

What's really good though is the re-playability of this game, since it involves again several decision making selections then it's impossible for two people to have the same game ending/scenario/progress depends on how you choose, so choose wisely, I know I didn't cause I got one of my "bida's" finger sliced using a kitchen knife? basta so bad of me and he's like my crush in that game pa naman!

Anyways Happy reading my review if ever you might find this review exciting and relevant tell me and I'll treat you a yogurt durian flavor in fro-yo... =P