Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year Rant

Ok so it's the year 2010 and what can I say?

I haven't been updating my blog too much, I'm sorry for the delay and so to my minuscule or non-existent readers out there ha ha Happy New Year!... wait I would've said that 19 days ago ha ha what the heck..

So like it's the 19Th day of January and my birthday is coming up hm mm 7 days from now yep that day is the 27Th and I'm really not looking forward to getting one year older, I mean I'm not even getting any taller I'm just or still 5'3" <----- did I get that correct? anyways I'm dying!!! No not really dying as in going to rot in hell and all that jizz, I'm just dying from boredom, frustration, confusion and ITCH! (non-sexual kind)

I'm suffering from some sort of hypersensitivity (over reaction of my immune system) because I was taking anti-biotics for the past couple of weeks due to my relentless coughing and now it's gone thanks anti-biotics and NO thanks Anti-biotics! You've given me the worse possible kind of itching I swear I've never ever have felt in my entire life! UGH and the new meds my doctor gave me are horrible tasting much horrid than my Cough Syrup which is fuscia in color and tastes like ink.... ewwwwwwwww.... Here it is for reference:

If ever I get well soon I swear I'm eating at a fancy Italian restaurant since I'm banned from it and other good stuff like cheese, preservatives, chocolates, hmmmmm CHICKEN huhuhuhu I love chicken pa naman! Oh that's not English ok I'm sorry!

Before I end this entry and scratch my butt like crazy I'd like to dedicate a song for you out there perhaps over the rainbow hee hee..