Monday, June 28, 2010

19th Trans Sport Show

I love cars! I'm probably one of those nerdy "gays" out there that do and I'm happy because being gay doesn't always have to be about fashion, beauty, party, hair and make up etc. (I think I'm being prejudice with my "kind" ohhh I think I did it again my "kind" ohhh) hahaha anyways, a few weeks ago, in the blogging world this may mean a decade, I went to a car show specifically the 19th Trans Sport Show held in Mega Mall at the Mega trade hall (why does everything that has something to do with Mega Mall usually have the word Mega?)

Besides going to gadget events (which I probably blogged in my Multiply ages ago) I love going to Car Shows my problem is that I don't seem to know where this events are held because I lack the effort to do some research. At least I was able to go to this event.

Hmmm most of the vehicles are a stand out, others are cute and some are just expensive but boring. Shown below is a picture of a yellow car a Volkswagen Beetle it's old but cute.

And this one's a sports car an Audi which I failed to remember the model name, it looks very aerodynamic and also very thirsty. I'm not a car reviewer so back off if you're looking for a full review!

A Chevrolet Cruze, the latest edition of Top Gear Philippines stated that this is the official car of a DLS-CSB student, hmmm why? I mean some kids there are filthy rich they probably own better if not more expensive gas guzzlers than this one.

Anyways I like this car because of it's bigness (that a word?) it's spacious cabin reminds me of a high-end sedan rather than a compact one plus the interior design is not boring at all it has a two-toned seat and dashboard, plus it is frugal in gasoline! two thumbs up.

This one is a Mini Cooper! Cute as hell, very stylish and it gives you a lot of pogi points (eww I said pogi haha) it's a car-maker/company owned by BMW and it's actually for the "big kids" with deep, I mean Deeeeep pockets, has a sense of adventure and also for kids who likes borrowing daddy's car.

This is like the best car I've seen there, it's huge, it's expensive and it kicks-ass! Because it's a Porsche! And also it's an SUV better suited for our pothole-filled and flood prone streets of Manila or I could be wrong you know, hahaha.

These are cars fitted for exhibition and because of that I know that there are better cars in the metro worth your money, these aren't even my dream cars they're just you know spur of the moment vehicles I like.

My Buddy WD-40

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It was May 15, 2010 that me and my friends decided to go to this place known as Caliraya, it is a mountain with a lake and lots of resort area where people/tourist are able to play some water sports.

Some people reserves this resort with the same name as the area (owned by St. Francis Square group of companies) as a place where they can host several team building activities for those companies with enough resources to hire thousands of employees.

When we arrived at their part you are required to park your car in a given area away from the resort because you'll be riding a boat from there, I was able to go to Caliraya before like when I was in 3rd year high school I think, it's the same murky, scary and very deep lake as before.

The resort offered a few stuff for entertainment such as the giant ball you see in the photo below, you can see me and the ball and how huge it is.

The resort is very grassy and since Caliraya is located on top of a mountain the wind is not that bad but it could use a little boost.

You'll see several grazing animals such as a water buffalo and a horse they're not very interesting animals and they didn't even notice the piece of fruit I've thrown at them

What I really disliked is the 10minute hike going to the cafeteria, they don't even have a restaurant, everything is packaged because you only get three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner or whichever according to your package, the 10minute hike going to the cafeteria is exhausting, when you walk slowly it'll take you 15minutes.

Another which I disliked is the food, it's not bad but it's boring.

Other activities worth mentioning are fishing, swimming at the pool (not the lake ewww) wall climbing, gliding or zip-line and jumping in a trampoline like what Molly's doing in the photo.

The rooms where we slept were ok they're air-conditioned, they have two bathrooms, and the beds are fairly comfotable.

Of course what's important is not the place you go but the people you are with I really enjoyed the company of my friends.

Also would I be recommending this place? Well probably if you are a group consisting of 5 or more people but for couples stay away from this place it's not romantic.

Some our photos

Sony Cybershot TX1

Currently the market is producing this magnificent new imaging technology called back-illuminated CMOS sensor, Sony calls their brand Exmor R and currently Sony and Ricoh are the most prevalent manufacturers of this technology also Casio is following lead with some of their new cameras also having this within them.

image taken from Dpreview

The advantage of having this new sensor which is more common in the compact point-and-shoot market and Video cameras is it's huge improvement on signal-to-noise ratio which means that in low-light your sensor produces cleaner and usable images unlike the traditional CCD and typical CMOS sensor, now imagine Sony using this in their Alpha line up then that would incredibly improve the signal-to-noise ratio of their APS-C sized CMOS sensors.

Now enough of my geeky babbling, I happen to own a Cybershot TX1 which you've guessed contains a back illuminated cmos sensor that unlike the traditional Cybershot cameras which uses Sony's Super HAD CCD which is actually better than other CCD manufactured (yes I'm biased on Sony products hahaha) the new Exmor R sensor well it dissapoints me

This is my TX1 Front view

-slimmer camera design
-4x optical zoom (38-1XX something fairly usable)
-optical steady shot
-large 3" resistive touch screen
-feel good to hold
-good metal feel
-does not attract fingerprints
-light and pocketable
-720p HD video recording at 30fps
-good battery life
-good image quality
-sweep panorama feature (this is a sweet feature)
-face detection

-better noise handling but still unimpressive
-washes out fine detail in low light
-slow opeartion
-gallery mode is inconsistent
-limited in-camera-editing features
-harsh flash exposure (pictures looked over-exposed when using flash)
-red eye reduction seems useless (better stay away from using flash)
-Expensive at almost $550 here in the Philippines or 25,xxx+

Back View of tx1

Overall if you just need a stylish camera and you hate using a flash then this camera is very good for you, but if you're a power user and would prefer a feature rich manual-enabled camera than an automatic stylish one then I'll review another camera soon.