Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anvaya Cove

When we received a call from our insurance handler (that what you call them) or better yet our family friend that we were invited to check out a newly develop high-end residential community out of town then we were the least excited family members to appreciate the invitation because not only did it meant loosing precious sleep especially if you came home at 3:00am and was about to leave at 6:00am but also feeling cranky and shitty first thing in the morning is not a good idea for a road trip.

Anyways it was a rainy Sunday morning when me and my family went to this place called Anvaya Cove, it was a three hour drive from Manila to Subic and it wasn't a very good morning for me anyways (try driving while you feel shitty for 3 straight hours)

Anvaya Cove is a seaside residential community that encompasses 320 hectares of land and they have their own beach (hooray!) anyways it's owned by Ayala Land and it's located further away from SBMA (Subic) almost in Morong Bataan.

Not only does it have a few residential lots but also condominium units and cluster like houses for living, these are for those who're looking for variety.

The Beach is pretty ordinary, it's supposed to be a man-made cove (or so I was told) and they have at least two or more man-made coves. It pretty much does the job as a beach getaway.

In the photo below you'll see me and my Family (my brother and father) on the background shown is the so so beach and the area contains a lot of lush greenery and almost a forest like environment since it's like super far away from Manila.

Anvaya has a recreational center that consists of the following facilities:

- An infinity pool
- Sports center (Tennis court, Basket ball court etc)
- Restaurant (for guests and members of the club)
- A club house (the view from the mezzanine is fantastic)
- Spa
- Bookstore
- Wifi cafe
- of course the beach and beach activities (they have lifeguards and stuff)
- etc

Pretty convenient place right? But it doesn't end with happiness and Glee because such a place is very high to maintain and owning a unit/house/cluster in this area is also very expensive, the prices vary form 7M, 10M to 20M and the point is that this is a property not located in an urbanize or well developed areas, it's very impractical and would only give you financial scars.

Plus membership to their club can only be obtained when a person is a unit owner. That for me is a bit unfair because the place is too far, maintenance will be very hard to find, it would've been easier for those uninterested with owning another house to have a club membership instead of an out of the way expensive house and lot.

Photo above shows the many guests invited to take a look at the newly develop resort/residential community, good thing they had WiFi to compensate for the ill-tasting pasta sauce I just consumed.

A view of the club house's ceiling, it's nice and high and also pretty.

Photo above shows a sample unit of the cluster like houses, I think this is how the house will look like if you bought one from them, this one is specifically around 14-16M I think.

More photos below;

Of course the interior decorations are your responsibility, sadly there is no mall near in the community or even a gas station it seems like a few kilometers away from one and even the entrance to Anvaya from this house is a few kilometers away the community is freaking huge!

All in all it would have been a very nice place to relax, unwind and socialize, but it is not for the average Filipino families nor even for those with highly capable budgets, I guess it's for those with a lot and I mean a lot of cash to spare.

Of course my dad has no intentions whatsoever in purchasing a house and lot in Anvaya unless they give us a huge discount as huge as the place haha!

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