Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Flip and the Filipino

Ok so I think the title is really inappropriate for this blog entry but here's the thing I was able to land my hands on a Flip pocket camcorder and so while preparing for this review, I happen to come across a person adding me in his YouTube friends list, I'm not sure who he is but the first thing I noticed are his uploaded videos, one of them concerning a very funny yet in a way a little offending movie titled "How to Act Around Filipinos"

Anyways it's just me some might get offended some might just laugh it off (it's not OA naman)

Anyways that doesn't concern my review on this fabulous piece of gadget. Now the Flip video measures around 4inches in height, 2inches in width (front/back), 0.7inch (side) other features and accessories would be;

- 1.5inch TFT LCD display
- built in memory around 1GB or 2GB (non-expandable) in this case the 2GB gave roughly 1 hour of recording time
- SD or standard definition video recording 640 X 480 at 30 fps
- F2.8 lens
- automatic Gain
- mono sound (mono mic?)
- digital zoom
- pop-up USB port
- 3.5" TV out port
- Suede cloth like pouch

Photo above shows the Flip's front, you'll see a standard D-pad, record, play and delete button it's that simple no fiddling of the unit, even the menu interface is dead simple the idea is to turn it on hold it and shoot away, it's actually aimed for the "no brainers"

Photo above shows the back of the Flip video, you'll see that the thing surrounding the lens is a huge chunk of plastic in Tagalog (nakaumbok) or beveled it's a bit of an issue concerning that some people are of course irresponsible making this a bit dysfunctional most especially when dropped faced lens wise.

In the photo above you'll see what I meant about the popup USB connector so no need for fiddly USB wires etc and below the popup thing you'll see a small black hole (haha) that's the TV out port.

And finally the photo above shows the side wherein located is the on/off switch and also you can place a string or neck strap whatsoever on the loop hole thing below it.

The Flip pocket video camera or better yet pocket camcorder is very useful in quick or sudden occasions or if you're an aspiring "videographer" or reporter, also for fun short movies like the YouTube video link I posted and likewise if you're a peeping tom who uses this while stalking somebody could be a girl or a guy?

Whatever, it's really simple and fun to use.

I tried capturing myself on Video but I feel shy hahaha! Besides you'd probably want a sample video quality, do remember it was already 5:30pm and it was cloudy outside also the mixed lighting environment so take note on these conditions while judging for yourself.


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  2. Kakaloka ang daming puwede ikabit. XD

  3. Hahaha! I just saw the video about Filipinos, natawa ako. Actually, feeling ko dapat yung ending nag-try siya tumaya. Kasi maraming natatalo dun.

  4. hahaha ngayon ko lang nabasa comment mo, grabe uber busy lately. :D